Point Sud (South), centre for research on local knowledge, is an international, autonomous institution that focuses on training, research and the organization of international scientific meetings. The centre strives to achieve several goals, notably:

  • to analyze the interactions between local knowledge and practices on the one hand and global or national projects of modernization and state construction on the other hand. Point Sud particularly supports research on cultural assumptions of local knowledge and its responses to local, national and global dynamics.
  • to serve as a crossroads for researchers interested in different aspects of local knowledge. Point Sud aims to create an on-going dialogue between African, European, Asian and American researchers. The analysis of developmental phenomena and of long-lasting North / South cooperation is a central topic.
  • to sponsor individual research projects that bring together scholars from around the world. It organizes international colloquia and classes in order to debate questions shared by foreign researchers and scientists. It grants study and research scholarships to young African researchers. Point Sud in cooperation with Northern universities and research centres, educates graduate students predominantly in social anthropology, whereas graduate students from industrialized nations gain access to a top-level