PAPA Fellow Karambiri

Karambiri, Sheila Médina

Sheila Médina Karambiri, born on 28.12.1988, has a PhD in Geography, specializing in territory planning. She is teaching at Ziniaré University Centre in Burkina Faso. Médina has worked on common pool resources management linked to territory governance as her PhD thesis. This thesis was defended at Paul Valery University of Montpellier in December 2018. Currently, her research field is land tenure focussing on alternative land tenure conflict management. In this context she is a fellow in Pilot African Postgraduate Academy (PAPA). She is also interested in studies about local actor participation in their territories’ management and taking into account on gender issues in rural studies.




Research project

Land tenure’s conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa: challenges

Population growth make pressure and promotes the degradation of natural resources through the increased needs of people and animals. This increase in demand, combined with the degradation of natural resources, leads to competition for land which results in rural areas in conflicts over access and use of natural resources. Conflicts are recurrent when the difficulties of coexistence between production activities increase. In a context of land tenure conflicts, this article argues that it’s proximity matters’ between production activities caused conflicts because there is no common territorial project shared by all rural stakeholders. Societal land management choices should therefore make it possible to regulate land competition, prevent conflicts and manage them in an alternative way. This research therefore aims to analyze the mechanisms for managing conflicts around natural resources, in connection with rural land use planning. Methodology is based on documentary analysis of rural land and conflicts planning tools. The analysis of Burkina Fasoas a case study will combine several scales from the local context to global one on land and conflicts management. The finding of his research will be present in reports and publications of scientific articles build around three axes. The first will deal about the diversity of forms and methods of managing land conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa, the second on conflict management and planning in rural areas and the third, on the place of the multifunctionality of spaces in the prevention of land tenure conflicts.




Centre universitaire de Ziniaré Secteur

4 Guilingou


Burkina Faso