Publications Programme

Since the creation of the programme, a steadily increasing number of edited volumes and special issues of peer-reviewed journals have been published as direct outcomes of the workshops and conferences. We would like to thank the conveners for their efforts. We are especially grateful to the German Research Foundation (DFG), which financially supported some of the publications. The following list is not exhaustive.

Edited Volumes

Abdalla, Mustafa, Denise Dias Barros and Marina Berthet (eds.), 2014: Spaces in Movement. New Perspectives on Migration in African Settings. Koeln: Ruediger Koeppe.

Bazenguissa-Ganga, Rémy, Mamadou Diawara, Mamadou Diouf and Achille Mbembé (eds.): Afrika Nko: la bibliothèque coloniale en question/Debating the colonial library. Paris: Présence Africaine (forthcoming).

Berthet, Marina, Fernando Rosa and Shaun Viljoen (eds.), 2019: Moving Spaces. Creolisation and Mobility in Africa, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Leiden: Brill.

Boesen, Elisabeth and Laurence Marfaing (eds.), 2014: Mobilités dans l’espace ouest-africain. Ressources, développement locale et intégration régionale. Paris: Karthala.

Dawuni, Josephine Jarpa (ed.): Women and Access to Justice in African Judiciaries. Rowman and Littlefield/ Lexington Books (forthcoming).

Diallo, Fatimata and Alhassan Anamzoya (eds.): Legal pluralism and African Court: Actors, Institutional Development and Governance. Leiden: Brill (forthcoming).

Echtler, Magnus, Franz Kogelmann and Eva Spies (eds.): Critical Investigations of Religious Diversity in Africa. Bayreuth Studies in Politics and Society in Africa. Baden-Baden: Nomos (forthcoming)

Giese, Karsten and Laurence Marfaing (eds.), 2016: Entrepreneurs africains et chinois. Les impacts sociaux d’une rencontre particulière. Paris: Karthala.

Gueye, Oulimata, Julien McHardy, Richard Rottenburg and Philipp Ziegler (eds.): Digital Imaginaries: Beyond Binaries. Kerber Verlag (forthcoming).

Gutberlet, Marie-Hélène and Sissy Helff (eds.), 2011: Rester et Partir/Bleiben und Gehen/Staying and Leaving/Toso any ka taka – Fotografie und die Repräsentation afrikanischer Migration. Several articles of participants were published open access on the webpage

Hallitzky, Maria, Felix Mulhanga and Nariakira Yoshida (eds.): Dependency on Location and Extension of Horizons: Challenges for Qualitative Teaching Research and Development in International Contexts. Bad Heilbrunn: Verlag Julius Klinkhardt (forthcoming).

Kadelbach, Stefan (ed.), 2014: Effektiv oder gerecht? Die normativen Grundlagen der Entwicklungspolitik. Frankfurt/Main: Campus.

Klute, Georg, Elisio Macamo and Peter Skalnik (eds.): African Political Cultures. Berlin: LIT Verlag (forthcoming).

Lecocq, Baz and Amy Niang (eds.), 2019: Identités sahéliennes en temps de crise. Histoires, enjeux et perspectives. Berlin: LIT.

Lentz, Carola and Godwin Kornes (eds.), 2011: Staatsinszenierung, Erinnerungsmarathon und Volksfest. Afrika feiert 50 Jahre Unabhängigkeit. Frankfurt/Main: Brandes and Apsel.

Ouédraogo, Jean-Bernard, Mamadou Diawara and Elísio S. Macamo (eds.), 2018: Translation Revisited. Contesting the Sense of African Social Realities. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Pinther, Kerstin, Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi and Berit Fischer (eds.), 2015: New Spaces for Negotiating Art (and) Histories in Africa. Berlin: LIT.

Pirker, Eva Ulrike, Katja Hericks and Mandisa Mbali (eds.), 2020: Forward, Upward, Onward? Narratives of Achievement in African and Afroeuropean Contexts. Düsseldorf: hhu books,

Wertmann, Katja and Mamadou Lamine Sanogo (eds.), 2013: La ville de Bobo-Dioulasso au Burkina Faso. Urbanité et appartenances en Afrique de l’Ouest. Paris: Karthala.


Special Issues of Scientific Journals

Boesen, Elisabeth, Laurence Marfaing and Mirjam de Bruijn (eds.), 2014: Nomadism and Mobility in the Sahara-Sahel. Special Issue, Canadian Journal of African Studies, 48, 1.

Lucia Candelise, Marina Maestrutti and Julienne Ngo Likeng (eds.): Les promesses de la biomédecine vues d’Afrique. Tribunal des promesses passées, tribune pour les promesses futures? Special Issue, Tropiques santé (forthcoming).

Daniel, Antje, Henning Melber and Florian Stoll (eds.): African Middle Classes and Social Protest. Special Issue, Journal of Contemporary African Studies (forthcoming).

Giese, Karsten (ed.), 2014: Understanding Chinese-African Interactions in Africa. Special Issue, Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 43, 1.

Giese, Karsten (ed.), 2015: The Chinese Presence in Africa. A Learning Process. Special Issue, Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 44, 1.

Giese, Karsten (ed.), 2015: Foreign Lives in a Globalising City. Africans in Guangzhou. Special Issue, Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 44, 4.

Graetz, Tilo (ed.), 2013: New Media Entrepreneurs and Changing Styles of Public Communication in Africa. Special Issue, Journal of African Cultural Studies, 25, 1.

Jedlowski, Alessandro, Patrick Oloko, Ute Roeschenthaler and Ibrahima Wane (eds.), 2015: Across Media: Mobility and Transformation of Cultural Materials in the Digital Age. Special Issue, Journal of African Media Studies 7, 1.

Lentz, Carola (ed.), 2013: Celebrating Independence Jubilees and the Millenium: National Days in Africa. Special Issue, Nations and Nationalism, 19, 2.

Luepke, Friederike and Mary Chambers (eds.), 2010: Multilingualism and Language Contact in West Africa: Towards a Holistic Perspective. Special Issue, Journal of Language Contact.

Schramm, Katharina, Kristine Krause and Greer Valley (eds.), 2018: Political Subjectivities in Times of Transformation. Special Issue, Critical African Studies, 10, 3.

Ungruhe, Christian, Ute Röschenthaler and Mamadou Diawara (eds.): Working Better Lives: Mobilities and Trajectories of Young People in West and Central Africa. Special Issue, Cadernos (forthcoming)

Witt, Antonia (ed.), 2018: African Peace Interventions Seen ‘From Below’: Politics and Disconnects. Special Issue, South African Journal of International Affairs, 25.


Scientific Articles

Alber, Erdmute and Jeannett Martin, 2020: “Multiplicities of Kinship and Family in Africa”. Friso Ross, Stephanie Treichel and Ronald Lutz (eds.): Sozialarbeit des Südens. Oldenburg: Paulo Freire Verlag, 17-35.

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Daniel, Antje and Florian Stoll, 2017: “Conference Report Middle Classes, Protest and Social Change in Africa and Beyond”. Afrika Spectrum, 52, 3, 111-116.

Dye, Barnaby, 2020: “Ideology Matters: Political Machinations, Modernism, and Myopia in Rwanda’s Electricity Boom”. Energy Research & Social Science,

Dye, Barnaby, 2019: “Continuity or Change in the Infrastructure Turn? Reform of the Technicians’ Realm in a World Bank Dam”. European Journal of Development Research,

Dye, Barnaby, 2019: “What Holds Back Dam Building? The Role of Brazil in the Stagnation of Dams in Tanzania”. Working Paper. Manchester: University of Manchester.

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Other Publications

Emane, Augustin, 2013: Docteur Schweitzer, une icône africain. Paris: Fayard.

Gschrey, Raul and Christine Taxer (eds.), 2013: Grenzlinien. Von Grenzen, Grenzüberschreitungen und Migration. Frankfurt/Main: Gutleut Verlag.