Programme 2019

16th-19th May 2019 in Dakar (Senegal),
Dynamics of Everyday Life within Municipal Administrations in Francophone and Anglophone Africa
Conveners: Dr. Matthew Sabbi, Development Sociology (University of Bayreuth); Dr. Lamine Doumbia, Anthropology (DHIP-Paris/CREPOS-Dakar/University of Bayreuth); Prof. Dieter Neubert, Sociology (University of Bayreuth). In collaboration with UCAD and CREPOS Dakar and Point Sud Bamako. PDF Report

8th-10th August 2019 in Accra (Ghana),
Gender and Judging in Pluralistic Societies: A Comparative Assessment of Access to Justice for Women in Africa
Conveners: Prof. Aram Ziai, Development Policy and Postcolonial Studies (University of Kassel); Prof. Akosua Adomako Ampofo, African Studies and Sociology (Institute for African Studies, Accra); Prof. Josephine Jarpa Dawuni, Political Science (Howard University, Washington); Prof. Lydia Apori Nkansah, Law (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi). In collaboration with IAS Accra and Point Sud Bamako. PDF Report

19th-24st August 2019 in Accra (Ghana),
Translating the Square Kilometer Array: A Dialogue on Methodological Challenges, Interdisciplinary Area Studies and Technological Artifacts
Conveners: Dr. Bernard Duah Asabere, Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute (GSSTI); Dr. Nana Ama Klutse Browne, GSSTI; Dr. James Okwe Chibueze, African Very Long Baseline Interferometry Network (Square Kilometer Array South Africa); Dr. Susann Ludwig, Anthropology (University of Leipzig); Dr. James Merron, Soziology (University of Basel). In collaboration with IAS and GSSTI in Accra and Point Sud Bamako. PDF Report

9th-13th September 2019 in Maputo (Mozambique),
Qualitative Approaches to Teaching Research and Development in International Discourse: Disconcertment and Convergence
Conveners: Prof. Maria Hallitzky, Didactic and School Pedagogy (University of Leipzig); Prof. Felix Mulhanga, Pedagogy and Reform Pedagogy (University of Pedagogy Mozambique); Prof. Nariakira Yoshida, Pedagogy and Curriculum Research (University of Hiroshima). In collaboration with the University of Pedagogy in Mozambique, the Centre of African Studies in Maputo and Point Sud Bamako. PDF Report

2nd-6th October 2019 in Bamako (Mali),
Local Narratives and Debates on the Experience of Migration and Return: Spoken and Unspoken
Conveners: Prof. Mamadou Diawara, Anthropology (Goethe University Frankfurt/Main); Dr. Aïssatou Mbodj-Pouye, Anthropology (CNRS/IMAF, Paris & Point Sud-Bamako); Dr. Kelly Poulet, Sociology (University Picardie Jules Verne Amiens); Dr. Fodié Tandjigora, Sociology (University of Bamako). In collaboration with Point Sud Bamako. PDF Report